The Typical Four Step Process Of Applying For A Medical Marijuana Card

9 February 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


Applying for a medical marijuana card is definitely ideal if you have any kind of medical condition that can be helped by it. However, there are certain steps you will need to take in order to get access to the medical marijuana that you need. The steps that you need to take will vary from state to state, however, here are the typical four steps you will need to take:

  1. Determine if You Qualify: First off, you need to find out if you qualify for having a medical marijuana card. You usually cannot qualify unless you have a certain disease or medical condition, such as HIV, seizures, or MS. If you have not been diagnosed with any of these symptoms, you will want to see your doctor and get diagnosed. You cannot get a medical marijuana card without the diagnosis from a doctor. 
  2. Get Evaluated: When you have a diagnosis from a doctor, you will want to get evaluated from a medical marijuana professional. Your doctor will recommend you to one. However, you must bear in mind that these visits are not typically covered by your health insurance, so you will have to pay. Once you make the visit, though, you will get permission for your medical marijuana card. 
  3. Turn in Application: Most of the time, the medical marijuana professional you see will fill out the application for the card for you and turn it in. If they don't, then you will need to do this through your state's website that your medical marijuana professional will direct you to. You will need to submit all forms, such as the permission from the professional, proof of your medical diagnosis from your doctor, and proof of your identity, address, and more. 
  4. Get Your Medical Marijuana: When you are ready to get your medical marijuana, you will need to visit any of the listed dispensaries that should be sent to you with your medical marijuana card. As far as costs, you may need to pay, but it could be reduced depending on your insurance. 

When you know the four step process of getting your medical marijuana card, you can be sure that you take the right steps properly. With the first step of visiting your doctor, he or she can direct you more thoroughly within the guidelines of your state's laws since they may require additional steps. So long as you visit your doctor first, though, the process should be relatively simple and easy. For more information, contact establishments like Golden State MD Health and Wellness.