Learn How To Save A Life In Less Time Than It Takes To Watch An Action Movie

31 December 2014
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Most people love a good action movie. The leading men are heroes blasting their way through armies of bad guys and leaving chaos in their wake all for the sake of something moral and upright, or for vengeance. Usually, the movie lasts about two hours, and in the same amount of time it takes to see hundreds of lives wasted and destroyed, you can learn to save lives with CPR classes. Read More 

Exploring Bone Grafting Procedures For Dental Implants

29 December 2014
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A successful candidate for dental implants is in good overall health, has a strong immune system and has healthy, dense bones, especially in the jaw. The patient that is healthy and has a strong immunity has fewer chances of developing infections at the site of implants and has fewer chances of their body rejecting the implant. However, what about a healthy person with strong immunity that needs more bone density? Learn more about bone grafting procedures used to prepare some patients for dental implants. Read More