4 Supplemental Treatments For Your Psoriatic Arthritis

10 December 2019
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Thankfully, there are a number of prescription drugs that do a good job of managing the symptoms of psoriasis arthritis. But even with these medications, you may sometimes find yourself dealing with flare-ups of pain and inflammation. That's where supplemental remedies can come in handy. These remedies are not substitutes for a prescription, but they can help with those lingering symptoms that seem to pop up. 1. Yoga Going to a yoga class may be the last thing you feel like doing when your joints are stiff, but it's actually really good for healing. Read More 

Are You Planning To Use Allergy Testing To Get To The Bottom Of Your Food Sensitivities? 3 Tips To Prepare For Your Test

10 October 2019
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Food sensitivities can occur at any point in your life. While it is frustrating to discover that certain recipes no longer agree with you, it is reassuring to know that there are tests available to help you identify which ingredients are creating all of the trouble. In some cases, finding out what food allergies are triggering your symptoms can help to clear up issues such as digestive discomfort and skin rashes. Read More 

Should You Visit An Emergency Health Clinic?

11 September 2019
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At one point or another, everyone doesn't feel well and will question whether to go to an emergency health facility. People are often uncertain about whether they should go. After all, they don't want to take up services that other people may need. However, when in doubt, go to an emergency clinic, especially if you experience certain warning signs that could indicate a major health crisis. Chest Pain Chest pain is nothing to play around with. Read More 

Podiatrists Can Help Teachers With Foot Fungus

30 June 2019
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Teachers have a very active job and need to be able to get around easily without any concerns. Unfortunately, foot fungus may strike a teacher and become an issue if they don't talk to a podiatrist as soon as possible. These professionals will work hard to keep your feet in great shape for years to come. Potential Foot Fungus Complications Foot fungus may seem like a minor problem to some people, and in many cases, the fungus isn't a serious issue. Read More 

Diabetic Foot Problems: When Should A Podiatrist Step In?

3 June 2019
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When you're diagnosed with diabetes, you're in for some major changes to your diet, exercise routine, stress management, and much more. While a diabetes diagnosis can turn your world upside down, you still have to keep your feet on the ground—healthy feet, that is. Your feet are no exception to your diabetes care plan, and, in fact, should be at or near the top of your list of concerns. Here's when and how a podiatrist should step in. Read More