Find Relief For Back Pain By Learning How To Produce Endorphins

15 April 2015
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Between 60% to 80% of American adults suffer from back pain, and many of these individuals seek help for pain relief. While there are numerous different ways to treat back pain, you might be able to find some relief if you can find ways to release endorphins in your body. It's important, first of all, to know what endorphins are, and after that you must learn how to release them in your body to find natural relief for your pain.

What are endorphins?

Endorphins are chemicals found in the brain. They are designed to transmit signals for communication purposes between the brain and the body's nervous system. Endorphins are often referred to as natural pain killers because they have the following effects on the body when they are released:

  • Relief of pain – They stop the brain from recognizing and feeling pain.
  • Increased sex drive – They also have the ability to trigger sexual feelings and may increase your sex drive.
  • Feelings of euphoria – They are also known for bringing relief for stress because they produce feelings that are happy and joyful.

While your body may produce endorphins, the amount produced may not be enough for you to experience these results, but there are ways to encourage the body to make more.

How can you produce more?

There are many ways to encourage your body to increase the amount of endorphins produced and released in the brain, including:

  • Exercise – Any type of exercise can be helpful in producing endorphins, but exercise has so many other benefits too. It can help you stay healthier and help you lose weight, plus it can also help your blood circulation.
  • Laughing – Another good way to do this is by having fun and laughing. Laughing actually causes the brain to produce a chemical called dopamine, which is very similar to endorphins. Dopamine relieves stress and calms pain, and this is why people often feel happier after laughing with friends.
  • Massage therapy – If you have back pain, getting a massage can help you feel better because it relieves tightness in muscles, but massage therapy also helps because it stimulates endorphins in your brain.

If you can find ways to produce more endorphins in your body, you might naturally be able to find relief from the back pain you are experiencing. To learn more about pain relief for lower back problems, contact your doctor at Valley Chiropractic or your general doctor and schedule an appointment.