Varicose Vein Treatment Options

1 June 2015
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If you suffer from unsightly varicose veins on the backs of your legs, you may wonder if there are options available in alleviating pain associated with the condition. Varicose vein treatments can help relieve symptoms while improving the overall appearance of the skin in the area. Here are some options to consider if you are suffering from this condition yourself.

Change Your Movements

Varicose veins are caused when the valves inside the veins become weakened, causing blood to pool into one area. Sitting or standing for long periods can exacerbate the pain associated with blood pooling. Make it a priority to move around every hour or so to get the blood circulating in your legs. 

When sitting, keep your legs uncrossed so blood can circulate without restriction. Do some leg exercises regularly to help keep blood moving, as well. If you need to lose a few pounds, make it a priority to start an exercise program and healthy eating schedule, as excessive weight contributes to varicose veins.

Watch What You Wear

The clothing you select to wear can alter the blood flow within your veins. If you wear clothing that is too tight, especially in the upper thigh area, it restricts the blood from flowing, causing varicose veins to get worse. Stick with loose clothing for the best circulation within your legs. Wearing flat shoes can help tone your calf muscles, which helps with blood flow throughout your legs. Consider wearing compression stockings to help reduce swelling that causes blood to pool up within the legs.

Explore Medical Options

If changing your habits does not seem to relieve the discomfort you feel from varicose veins, or if you wish to clear up the appearance of your legs, medical treatments are available. Make an appointment with a phlebologist or vascular medicine doctor to discuss what options are available for your situation.

For mild cases, your doctor may recommend having a chemical injected into the problem veins in your legs. This chemical causes the veins to scar inside, making blood redirect to other veins as a result. When the blood redirects, the old route will change in color. This fading will help clear up the appearance of the veins on the backs of your legs.

For more severe cases, surgical options are recommended. Laser surgery is a noninvasive procedure that closes off the affected veins within the circulatory system. People experiencing a lot of pain from excessive varicose veins may opt for endoscopic vein surgery. This surgery uses cameras to find veins causing the blood pooling. The doctor will then close them off from use. Ambulatory phlebectomy is another surgery done to remove veins from the leg altogether. For more information, contact a business such as Premier Surgical Associates.