3 Tips For Getting Your Baby To Wear Eyeglasses

15 June 2015
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Getting your baby to keep their glasses on all of the time can be tough. However, it is so important to try and have them keep them on as much as possible because it can do so much to improve their vision, which in turn can help them with their development. Thankfully, there are little things that you can do to help your baby become more accepting and even excited about wearing their eyeglasses. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting your baby to wear their eyeglasses regularly. 

Get Glasses With A Band 

If your baby is constantly pulling their eyeglasses off of their face, then you may want to get a pair of frames that come with a band on them. This band will go around the back of your child's head, and will secure the glasses into place. This makes it much harder for your baby to pull of their glasses, and it also helps them to stay in place when your baby is running around and playing. Your child may give up pulling off their glasses when they realize how hard it is to get the band off, or they may like how they fit with the band and not bother with them anymore. 

Make It Routine

Just as brushing their teeth, getting them dressed, changing their diaper, and combing their hair has become routine with your baby, you can make wearing glasses part of their routine as well. Simply make it part of their day, and be sure to praise them and tell them how good they look with their glasses on. If you do this day in and day out, your baby will become more and more accepting of wearing their eyeglasses, and eventually they won't even notice them because it is simply part of the daily routine. 

Wear Glasses Yourself

Whether your have prescription glasses or simply a pair of glasses with non-prescription frames, you should wear them when your child is wearing their eyeglasses. If your child sees that you are also wearing glasses, they will simply think that glasses are normal because you have them too. They may even be excited that the two of your are both wearing glasses, which will make them want to wear this glasses even more, and is a great added bonus for you.

If your child has eyeglasses that they need to wear, then getting a pair with a band, making glasses part of their daily routine, and also wearing glasses yourself can really help them get used to wearing your glasses and may even make them really enjoy them. 

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