Top 4 Benefits Of A Stair Chair Lift

26 October 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


Whether you're getting a bit older, or you have a disability that makes climbing up and down a set of stairs difficult, a stair chair lift can be your saving grace. This handy piece of equipment will transport you from the first floor of your home to the second floor with ease. Here are a few benefits you can expect with your stair lift purchase. 

Staying in Your Own Home

Perhaps the top benefit of owning a stair lift is the ability to remain in your own home. There's no need to sell your house and move into a one-story home when you can simply sit in your chair, press the up or down button, and ride to the top or bottom of your stairs. That allows you to keep the extra living space, as well as remain in the home that makes you feel comfortable. 

Saving Money

The cost to renovate your home so that you can live on the first floor, as well as the cost to sell your home, far outweigh the price of installing a stair glide. In fact, in many cases your insurance will pay part or all of the fee for buying the stair lift. If your insurance denies your request, there are also a few additional organizations that help make a home more handicap-friendly. Raising the money for the lift is another option for anyone with low funds. 

Reducing Injuries

There is no risk of injury when allowing the stair chair lift to transport you between floors. Trying to climb up the stairs yourself, however, can result in a fall. Falls can cause broken bones, head and back injuries, and in some cases paralysis. For a few extra dollars you can feel safe and secure, which will be just as much of a relief to the friends and family that care so much about you.

Peace of Mind

Although the stair lifts run by using electricity, they will still work during a power outage. This will give you a chance to get back to the first floor of your home if you need to. Each of the machines also have safety mechanisms that keep them from running over an object that may be in the way, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck. 

Purchasing a stair glide is definitely ideal for anyone who needs assistance going up and down a set of stairs. The benefits are numerous and when it comes to your needs, this machine can truly be a lifesaver.