Does Your Teen Want Contacts? The 2 Best Choices

25 March 2016
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If your teen has been wearing glasses for the past few years and they want to make the transition to contact lenses, there are somethings you want to discuss with your teen and with their eye doctor. You want to make sure that your teen is ready for the responsibility, and that contacts are going to be as efficient while improving their vision.

It will first depend if you can get your teen's prescription in contact form. Your eye doctor will want to do an evaluation to see if there have been any changes, and then they will prescribe the contacts if possible. Here are a few things to ask about when choosing contacts for your teen to use.

Corrective Contact Lenses

There are contact lenses that don't just help you see better when you put them in, but they actually work to alter the shape of your eye and the anatomy to help fix the vision problems. These are actually worn while your teen sleeps. Ask your eye doctor if your teen could be a candidate to wear these vision shaping contacts at night, and then they are able to walk around without the contacts during the day.


It's important to be hygienic when touching around your eye, so when wearing contacts your teen has to make sure they have clean hands, short fingernails, and that the contacts stay clean. Disposable contacts are often great for teens because they are thrown out at the end of the night.

This way you don't have to worry about your teen not cleaning the contacts enough or regularly, which can lead to infection, or the teen wearing dirty contacts day in and day out. Instead, they get a fresh new clean pair at the start of each day, and they have backup options if one falls out or gets torn. If they had contacts that were supposed to last a month, they would have to get a new prescription.

A lot of kids don't want to walk around with glasses because they don't like the way the glasses look, or because they think it's inconvenient to have worry about the lenses and frames getting damaged or lost. If you think it's time for your teen to make the switch to contact lenses so they can see without the frames, make an appointment and pick out the best contacts for them to wear today. Contact a business, such as The Eye Center, for more information.