Commonly Overlooked Signs Of A Possible Alcohol Addiction

20 July 2016
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There are many people who battle an addiction to alcohol and do not even realize that they have a problem because drinking has become so socially acceptable. There are signs that you may have a dependency to alcohol that you may not know that you have. The guide below lists a few possible signs that you may have a dependency to alcohol.

You Pay For Alcohol First

If you have bills that are not getting paid each month, but you make sure to always have alcohol on hand, you could have a dependency to alcohol. You put alcohol before your financial responsibilities which is a possible sign that it is higher on your list of priorities then being responsible for your debts.

You Design Your Schedule Around Alcohol

If you are choosing to only go to events with friends and family where there will be alcohol present, there is a good chance that you are suffering from an alcohol dependency. Likewise, if you are avoiding situations to sit at home and drink by yourself, you also may have a dependency issue. Not be able to handle social interaction or awkward situations without being intoxicated can indicate that you have a strong chemical dependency to alcohol because it masks the feelings that you do not want to feel.

Alcohol Is Your Top Priority

Take the time to look around you. Is your car being well maintained? Is your home cleaned on a regular basis? Are you eating healthy foods or are you just eating foods that can be microwaved? Giving up on maintaining your home, vehicle, or even yourself can all be possible signs that you are not coping with daily life in a positive way. Turning to alcohol to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety, or worthlessness does not solve the problem, it merely covers it up.

Consider Getting Help

If you feel that there may be a chance that you have a problem with alcohol, you have already taken a huge step in the right direction. Put down your bottle and seek help for your addiction. You can go to a treatment center for intensive help, if you feel that you cannot stay away from alcohol on your own. You can also go to intensive therapy to help you learn why you started drinking in the first place and to learn how to handle the feelings that you are trying to avoid.

Beating an addiction to alcohol will not be easy and it will not happen overnight. Having a strong support system will make overcoming your addiction easier though. Visit for more information.