Problems That Can Lead To Hearing Loss

7 February 2017
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When it comes to hearing loss, it is not the type of condition that you should ignore. If the root cause of the problem is serious, you can end up losing your ability to hear even the loudest noise. Hearing loss is typically treated via hearing aids in most cases, but sometimes undergoing surgery is necessary in a severe case. Before you can be treated, it will be necessary for your hearing ability to be tested by a specialist so you can be diagnosed. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the things that can cause hearing loss.

1. Tumors in the Middle Ear

One of the things that can cause you to suffer from hearing loss is a tumor in the middle ear. Most of the time the tumors are benign, meaning they are not cancerous. The reason tumors are able to interfere with your hearing ability is because they make it difficult for sound waves to flow through your ear canal. It is wise to get examined in a timely manner in case you are in need of getting a tumor removed, as it can get bigger. A specialist might see a tumor when he or she looks inside of your ears when you get a hearing test done.

2. Untreated Ear Infections

Ear infections are common problems that sometimes cause hearing loss. The condition is usually only temporary, but it can last long if you don't get the infection treated. Basically, fluid can build up inside of your ears when they are infected. The fluid prevents you from hearing the fullest extent of sound waves. However, your hearing should fully return to normal after the fluid is gone.

3. Regular Exposure to Loud Noise

When loud noise is in your life on a daily basis, it can damage your ear drums. It is actually a good idea to protect your ear drums by wearing plugs in your ears when in loud environments. If you are experiencing damaged ear drums, the problem can likely be treated by wearing a hearing aid. The extent of your hearing loss will need to be tested in order for the most effective hearing aid to be chosen.

4. Natural Hearing Loss from Age

If you are a senior, your hearing loss might simply be natural. The best way to find out is to undergo a hearing test. Simply make an appointment with a doctor, such as those at Audiology Consultants, P.C., so you can find out what is causing the problem.