Buying Eye Shields For Your Optometrist's Practice: What To Look For

13 February 2017
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Sterile eye shields are provided to your patients following surgery or for young children undergoing treatments for lazy eye and are necessary to help in the comfort and safe healing of their recovery. Whether your patients undergo removal of cataracts, surgery for glaucoma, or laser eye surgery to repair poor vision, you want to make sure to provide them with quality post-op surgical eye shields. Here is a guide to help you find the best ones on the market for your wholesale purchase.

Sterile quality

Eye shields come in non-sterile forms for people who undergo phototherapy to resolve skin conditions or to assist with mental therapy techniques and are often used in psychiatrist's offices and dermatology clinics. You want the medical variety instead that come in individual packaging and are guaranteed to be sterile to provide the best quality aftercare for your patients. Choose breathable eye shields for optimum patient comfort, while having a few packages of solid versions on-hand for patients who have recent sutures that cannot be exposed to air or potential germs.

Variety of sizes

If you treat a variety of patients, from young children who have retinal disease to the elderly with cataracts or glaucoma, you will want to make sure to choose a wholesaler certified in medical supply distributing who has a variety of sizes of eye shields for each patient's particular needs. Eye shields often come in small, medium, or large packaging and a separate sizing chart for children, so make sure you buy enough of each size to fit your patients most comfortably.

In addition to choosing eye shields that come in many sizes, you will want to keep dual eye shields, like disposable goggles, on-hand for patients who have surgery on both eyes. These come in a variety of sizes and UV ray protection strengths.


Foam sterile eye shields are your cheapest option and are best for minor surgeries or for patients who have sensitivity surrounding their eyes following a procedure. For more invasive surgeries, such as retina surgery, you will want to invest in quality soft foam and silicone versions for optimum eye protection and patient comfort.

When choosing a medical supply wholesaler to purchase your sterile eye shields from, talk to a distributor about getting a discount for ordering a certain style or brand. Once you have decided the styles and sizes of eye shields you need, you can buy them in bulk for additional savings for your optometrist's practice.