Lose Weight, Sweat Less, And Enjoy These Benefits

13 October 2017
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One point to note on the long list of benefits of losing weight is that when you shed some pounds, you may notice that you don't sweat as much as you used to. While different people of the same weight can often sweat different amounts, those who are overweight tend to sweat more because their body fat boosts how hot their body is. Even though your chief goal of losing weight likely isn't to reduce how much you sweat, this noticeable difference can be a pleasant change. Here are some benefits that you'll enjoy as you begin to sweat less as a result of your weight loss success:

You'll Smell Better

It can be tough to control how you smell when you're a heavy sweater. Even if you've taken a shower earlier in the day and scrubbed yourself meticulously, you may notice a variety of unpleasant body odors as soon as you begin to sweat. Smelling strongly as a result of sweating can be a challenge. You'll often feel embarrassed about yourself when you're around others, and this may even compel you to isolate yourself by skipping activities in which sweating is a likely outcome. For example, if your friends ask you to go play tennis in the park, you might skip the activity because of your embarrassment.

You Won't Have Embarrassing Sweat Marks

Your smell isn't the only thing that can leave you feeling embarrassed when you're a heavy sweater because you're overweight. Unless you dress in multiple layers — which can be self-defeating because doing so will make you hotter and thus more likely to sweat — your clothing will often get large sweat marks. Damp underarms are one thing, but you might get dark marks on your back or even on your chest — or, worse, around your crotch. These signs of your weight issue can leave you feeling embarrassed, but you should see a reduction in such issues as you lose weight.

You Won't Be Physically Uncomfortable

Sweating isn't just visually embarrassing — it can also be downright uncomfortable. When you sweat heavily, your skin can become sticky and irritated. For example, if your groin area is sweaty, the skin can rub uncomfortably when you walk. This is especially the case when you're overweight, as your body parts may already be rubbing against each other. This can lead to a rash, which can leave you in pain and attempting to manage the condition with powder and ointment. When you reduce the amount that you sweat thanks to losing weight, this issue will be in your past.

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