Masturbation At Work? It Might Help Your PGAD Symptoms

8 April 2018
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If you suffer from persistent genital arousal disorder, or PGAD, you know the physical discomfort and mental anguish that you experience because of your chronic state of sexual arousal. It's possible to temporarily extinguish these intense feelings and get some physical and emotional relief through sexual intercourse or masturbation, which can work when you're at home but not in most other places. Work can particularly be a challenge — eight hours a day of dealing with these symptoms can make you downright miserable. Although the idea of masturbating at work might seem highly taboo, it's not as strange as you think — nearly four in 10 men have done it, and some medical professionals advocate it as a tool for workplace stress relief. If you suffer from PGAD and have strong symptoms at work, this idea might work for you. 

Identify The Right Bathroom

If you're going to attempt masturbation at work to relieve the symptoms of your PGAD, you need to start by finding the proper bathroom. A private bathroom with a locking door is optimal, but if you such facilities are present where you work, a bathroom with multiple stalls will work. See if you can identify a bathroom that people seldom use. For example, in an office building, there may be a bathroom on a floor with several vacant offices. 

Find A Suitable Time

One of the challenges of PGAD is that you often face chronic arousal, which means that you might always have an urge to masturbate. If you're able to manage these feelings, try to find a time in which your risk of running into someone in the bathroom is minimal. For example, if 50 percent of the workforce is in a meeting that doesn't include you, this might work. 

Stop Immediately If Someone Enters

The nice thing about a private bathroom with a locking door is that you'll have enough time and privacy to take care of the matter at hand without someone entering. However, if you're forced to rely on a bathroom with multiple stalls, you should always stop this behavior as soon as the door opens. In fact, you may wish to sit on the toilet to stand with your feet facing the stall door so that if anyone notices your feet, they'll look natural. 

Clean Up Appropriately

You never want a colleague to get a sense of what you've been doing, so you should always exercise caution in cleaning up after yourself. You'll want to wash your hands thoroughly, and may even wish to use a little aftershave to give your body a fresh smell. If you're sweaty, wipe your face. Always check your appearance in the mirror before you leave the bathroom to ensure that you look natural. Remember, you don't have to deal with PGAD on your own — a healthcare specialist is there to help you.