Podiatrists Can Help Teachers With Foot Fungus

30 June 2019
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Teachers have a very active job and need to be able to get around easily without any concerns. Unfortunately, foot fungus may strike a teacher and become an issue if they don't talk to a podiatrist as soon as possible. These professionals will work hard to keep your feet in great shape for years to come.

Potential Foot Fungus Complications

Foot fungus may seem like a minor problem to some people, and in many cases, the fungus isn't a serious issue. However, those who don't take the time to manage their foot fungus properly increase their risk of serious health problems that can affect their foot and other areas.

For example, excessive foot fungus can become very thick and trigger pain in your foot when you try to walk. This type of spread is quite excessive but can occur if you don't take the time to wash your feet every day. For those who are on their feet all day – such as teachers – this pain can become nearly unbearable.

Even worse, your fungus could spread so much that the toenails separate from your nail bed. This painful situation will make it impossible for you to stand up for long periods in the classroom and may necessitate medical leave. Surgery on the loose portion of the nail is necessary to ensure a safe treatment option. And you may even need to remove the entire nail, which could keep you off your feet for a week or more.

How a Podiatrist Can Help

If you have foot fungus and you want to avoid these complications, it is important to take action immediately to ensure that you manage this issue. For example, your podiatrist will take a look at a sample of the fungus to get an idea of how severe it has become and will then assess a proper treatment method to ensure that you get back in the classroom as soon as possible.

In some cases, you may simply need an oral antifungal medication. This type of treatment is typical early in your care situation, though, and may change if the fungus gets worse. That's the major benefit of early inspection – you can avoid more serious treatment options and stay on your feet longer and avoid having to use your precious vacation time before summer arrives.

When the fungus spreads to your toenail or gets underneath it, you may need more focused treatment methods, such as topical antifungal care options. And if the fungus helps to spread bacteria to other areas of your body – past your foot and even into your bloodstream – you may need more specialized help to minimize the danger.

So if you're a teacher experiencing a high concentration of foot fungus and you want to ensure that you are happy and healthy for years to come, make sure that you visit a podiatrist the moment you notice any fungus on your foot. These experts will work hard to ensure that you don't suffer from any health complications.