Know Why You Want Your Flu Shot

17 March 2021
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


With the recent concerns over COVID-19, some people are so concerned about it that they may end up neglecting to get their flu shot because it just doesn't seem to be as much of a worry. However, the flu can still be a serious and even fatal illness for some people and should be avoided at all costs. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when it comes to the flu shot so that you understand just how important it is to follow through with getting them this year. 

You can have the flu and COVID-19 at the same time

It is possible for someone to come down sick with both the flu and COVID-19. Each shot significantly decreases your chances of getting these illnesses. However, not everyone is able to get their COVID-19 shots yet, since the shots are coming out in stages. Therefore, getting your flu shot can help to strengthen your immune system, decreasing your chances of getting the flu, which may make it easier for you to combat other more serious illnesses. 

The flu has the same risks it always has

While it may seem like all eyes are on COVID-19 now, this in no way takes away from the risks that are there when you get the flu. There is still the chance that the flu will lead to pneumonia. There are still all of the same symptoms should you come down with the flu which is not limited to, but can include a fever, nausea, diarrhea, chills, fatigue, and more. Since getting your flu shot decreases your chances of getting it and dealing with the symptoms and risks associated with it, you should consider getting the shot as soon as possible. 

The flu shot protects more people than just yourself

Even if you might be willing to risk yourself getting the flu, you want to keep in mind that having the flu shot will also help to protect everyone else that you come into close contact with. This means by having your shot, you will be protecting any relatives you will be around who aren't able to get it due to allergies, as well as others who haven't had a chance to get their shot yet. 

 The flu shot can lessen the symptoms

The flu shot may not be 100% effective in preventing the flu, but it can also help you even if you do get it because it can cause the symptoms that you experience to be less severe than they would have been otherwise. For more information, contact a flu shot vaccination treatment service.