Benefits Of Ordering Prep Online — And Tips For A Successful Experience

23 February 2022
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PrEP has changed lives for the better. It is such a relief to be able to take a pill and know that you're protected against contracting HIV from an HIV positive partner. One of the most convenient ways to obtain PrEP is to order it from an online prescription service. Here are a few benefits of going this route, along with tips to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Benefits of Ordering PrEP Online

Even thought the stigma surrounding HIV is changing, some people still find it a little embarrassing to talk about the disease and its spread. You may know you don't need to feel embarrassed, but still be unable to fully shake the feelings. With online prescription services, you can communicate with the prescribing doctor either via video or sometimes even just through chat. This can be easier and less embarrassing than meeting with a doctor in person.

Ordering PrEP online also gives you time to think and be thorough when providing your medical information and health history. You won't feel like you have to rush to fill out a form as you wait in a busy waiting room. You can fill out the information on your own time, being as thorough as needed. Accuracy is important when seeking a prescription for PrEP as your health and sexual habits will determine which type of PrEP pill your doctor will prescribe.

Tips for Ordering PrEP Online

If you do decide to order PrEP online, be sure to schedule your appointment for a time of day when you can focus and engage with the prescriber. You want to be clear minded so you can ask any relevant questions during the appointment. If you are worried you'll forget to ask certain questions, write them down prior to the visit so you can reference them.

Be honest about your sexual history, any HIV testing you've had, and any concerns you have about your ability to take PrEP on time, each day. The more your doctor knows, the more help they can offer.

Most insurance companies do cover PrEP in full, as it is important preventative care. So, if you have health insurance, be sure to process the appointment and prescription through your insurer.

Virtual order PrEP medication is a great way to protect yourself from HIV. Make sure you follow the tips above as you meet with an online prescriber and take this important step to secure your health.