4 Signs Of Poor Posture & How Rehab Can Help

24 May 2022
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When you have poor posture, you may not even realize that you are slumping or that your body is not in a healthy position. Even if you don't realize it, you could have poor posture. In some cases, poor posture is related to issues like arthritis, sciatica, or a hip replacement, for instance.

An orthopedic rehabilitation clinic can help you identify and address poor posture.

1 - Your Shoulders Are Rounded

When your muscles are tight across your chest and your shoulders, your posture might suffer. You might have tight muscles because they are weak and immobile, and improving your muscular imbalance can be helpful.

You can change rounded shoulders by strengthening your back. Building more strength in your back muscles will help provide support as well.

2 - Your Back Is Hunched

If you have ever been self-conscious about having a hunch in your back, it could simply be that your posture would benefit from some correction. Your head might be pushed too far forward, which rounds out the back and impairs mobility.

You can correct this issue with physiotherapy or stretching with a professional. This will help you build mobility and strength in your back and shoulders. Some people also benefit from ergonomic solutions and special braces.

3 - You Have Headaches

Many people have headaches that they do not know the cause of. If you have headaches, the cause could be your head pulling parts of your back forward. The tension in your neck and shoulders might exist because your muscles are working too hard.

The solution for this issue may be improving the strength in your back and shoulders. You may also find that massage therapy is a great tool for improving your body's posture.

4 - Your Hip Flexors Are Tight

Hip flexors that are too tight can cause your pelvis to tilt. It can also cause your spine to curve. Hip flexors are often tight because they are weak, and you may find that you just don't have the appropriate level of muscle tone throughout your body.

Your best move here is to both strengthen and improve the flexibility of your hips. When you have lower back pain or immobility in your hips and pelvis, the solution may be in improving this part of your body instead of your back.

Meet With Your Rehab Provider to Improve Your Posture

If you want to see real improvements in your posture, now is the time to start working with a rehabilitation clinic. You do not have to live with back pain or an appearance that you are not proud of. Treatment can help you address these problems starting today.