Surgery Rehabilitation: Should You Receive Care At A Hospital?

30 August 2022
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If you need specific care or rehabilitation after an upcoming surgery, you may wonder where you can receive it and when. Special surgeries, such as back and hip surgeries, require special or specific considerations to heal or overcome. One of the places you can receive rehabilitation is a hospital. Learn how a hospital can provide the special surgery rehabilitation you need below. 

Why Should You Go to a Hospital for Your Care?

Some types of injuries and medical conditions require advanced surgery to treat, such as knee replacement surgery and spinal cord repair. Advanced surgeries may require patients to undergo long recoveries, which may not be in the best interest of the patients. Doctors now recommend patients undergo special surgery rehabilitation at a hospital. A hospital can provide the tools and medical assistance you'll need to heal or recover from your surgery.

Hospitals provide a wide array of surgery rehabilitation services to you, including physical therapy and abdominal therapy. But unlike other types of rehabilitation providers, which may use the same types of methods on patients to help them heal, hospitals cater the services to fit your specific needs. Your care will only be unique to you and your recovery needs. 

 In order to make your rehabilitation unique, a hospital will consider certain factors or things about you, including your:

  • age
  • physical condition before and after surgery
  • future surgical and medical needs

The factors above can help determine the extent of rehabilitation you need and for how long. For example, if you're an older individual who needs additional surgeries in the future, a hospital may only schedule you for mobility and body-strengthening therapy right now. Doctors may want to strengthen your body before they complete other surgeries on you. Once you become stronger, a hospital can recommend you undergo the rest of your surgeries.

If you think a hospital can provide the special surgery rehabilitation care you need after your procedure, contact a hospital for an appointment today. 

How Do You Schedule Your Hospital Care?

A hospital will most likely require a medical referral from your doctor before they set up any appointments for you. A referral allows a hospital to communicate with your doctor about your upcoming surgery as well as the rehabilitation care you'll need afterward. If possible, have your doctor contact a hospital on your behalf to save time.

After a hospital receives your referral, they'll need to know when you plan to undergo surgery. A hospital will use the information to determine the date of your treatment. A hospital may also consult with your doctor throughout your surgery to ensure you receive the right rehabilitation afterward.

For more information, contact a local hospital for special surgery rehab