Surgery Rehabilitation: Should You Receive Care At A Hospital?

30 August 2022
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If you need specific care or rehabilitation after an upcoming surgery, you may wonder where you can receive it and when. Special surgeries, such as back and hip surgeries, require special or specific considerations to heal or overcome. One of the places you can receive rehabilitation is a hospital. Learn how a hospital can provide the special surgery rehabilitation you need below.  Why Should You Go to a Hospital for Your Care? Read More 

How Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Life And Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored

27 July 2022
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Hearing loss is often thought to be a problem that occurs among older people, but people of all ages can lose their ability to hear clearly at some point in their lives. If you think that you're starting to lose your hearing, you should visit a hearing center to have your hearing tested. If hearing loss is diagnosed and treated with hearing aids or by other corrective means, you may avoid the following problems that could negatively impact your life. Read More 

3 Tips For Making Your College-Aged Child’s First Solo Doctors Office Visit Easier

23 June 2022
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How can you help your college-aged child for their first solo doctor's office visit with their new primary care physician (PCP)? Take a look at the simple steps that can make your young adult child's appointment easier and more productive.   Review Insurance Information The Affordable Care Act now allows adult children to stay on their parents' insurance plan until they are 26 years old, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Read More 

4 Signs Of Poor Posture & How Rehab Can Help

24 May 2022
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When you have poor posture, you may not even realize that you are slumping or that your body is not in a healthy position. Even if you don't realize it, you could have poor posture. In some cases, poor posture is related to issues like arthritis, sciatica, or a hip replacement, for instance. An orthopedic rehabilitation clinic can help you identify and address poor posture. 1 - Your Shoulders Are Rounded Read More 

Is It Time To See An Ophthalmologist Yet?

23 March 2022
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Vision problems are very troubling for people because humans generally rely so much on their vision for everyday life. As a result, it is important to know when to visit treatment specialists like an ophthalmologist. Ophthalmology specialized in the study and diagnosis of eye diseases. These experts can provide people with the care they need for their vision. Here are a few times when visiting one is a great idea for someone struggling with vision difficulties. Read More